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  • Great place, still being worked on but the best toilet blocks of any site I've been to!

    Dave Poole Avatar
    Dave Poole

    Cannot rate this place highly enough. Great site, central, easily accessible location and amazing facilities.

    Graham Tunnicliffe Avatar
    Graham Tunnicliffe

    A good LARP site. I stayed on one of the 3 sites which was currently still under improvement. The house was lovely with great potential. The toliet block was lovely with big cubicals with a handy cloak hooks in the ladies. The only dowside was as it had rained all day the site had turned into a marshy swamp. Very wet under foot with large puddles everywhere. However it had great little paths leading off for multiple linears.

    Jane Taylor Avatar
    Jane Taylor

    A good camp site with building for playing in. The toilet block is to die for with good showers and under for heating. Though it depends on which part of the site you use

    Matthew Southgate Avatar
    Matthew Southgate

    Great camping site. Facilities are excellent. It was my second time visiting and it's quickly becoming my favourite camping location.

    Rebecca Thomson Avatar
    Rebecca Thomson

    Great venue for LARP. Has more than its fair share of muddy parts but the site is diverse enough to run some interesting events.

    Ben Sugden Avatar
    Ben Sugden

    Having been a regular visitor to Huntley Wood for a number of years I can honestly say it is the best LARP site in the UK. Friendly staff, an amazing array of options for running events, superb facilities and it's location in the middle of the UK make it ideal for games small and large. Absolutely at the top of our list when looking for sites

    Heathen LRP Avatar
    Heathen LRP

    Best site for larp I've been to. Warm cabins and heater loos have spoilt me.

    Timothy Eve-Gregory Avatar
    Timothy Eve-Gregory

    Great campsite and facilities for private events such as LARP, etc.

    John Ashton Avatar
    John Ashton

    Perfect place for LARP and other outdoor events. Both sites are huge with great facilities, and a variety of woodland and clear field for whatever you have planned.

    Matthew Mills Avatar
    Matthew Mills
  • Huntley wood is the perfect venue for specialist outdoors events such as LARP. The people who run this site, do so with passion, energy and dedication. The hot running water, shower clock, kitchen facilities, proper toilets, etc, makes the experience a thing of luxury. The site itself is beautiful and secluded, with highly satisfying walks to be had. Nearby takeouts will deliver to the gate here!

    Jack Kastor Avatar
    Jack Kastor

    Huntley Wood is by far one of the best camping experiences in the country. Well maintained toilets and cabins make camping there a great experience, as well as the expansive site. The natural hazards are the only downside, but you can a full warning about site ahead of time and frankly, the overall experience more than makes up for it.

    Stationed On Hoth Avatar
    Stationed On Hoth

    Fabulous grounds and lots to do in this park. Enjoyed the peace and the autumnal colours on the trees. Crunching leaves underfoot takes me back to being a kid again!.

    Sarah Lowe Avatar
    Sarah Lowe

    Excellent LARP amenities and wonderful, dedicated management.

    Bobbie Deniker Avatar
    Bobbie Deniker

    An excellent site with friendly, helpful staff. The site facilities are modern, clean and very user friendly. There is ample parking space, good access and even a list of take aways which deliver to the site! The sites are varied and interesting and provide an excellent venue. I would definitely recommend Huntley Wood to anyone.

    Gareth Icewing Avatar
    Gareth Icewing

    Great venue for outdoor activity. The shower / toilet block will equipped.

    Nigel Bell Avatar
    Nigel Bell

    Love walking here, these days I'm expected to only walk the outskirts due to changes in the quarry however

    Michael Byatt Avatar
    Michael Byatt

    Fantastic facilities, warm and exceptionally clean. Best site I've been on.

    Kylie Marsh Avatar
    Kylie Marsh

    A fabulous location for various outdoor activities.

    Looking forward to going back.

    Darren Allen Avatar
    Darren Allen

    Amazing experience in the quiet forests of the woods everything was clean and tidy add you would expect on our arrival. A fantastic venue!

    Genesis Avatar