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  • 5 star rating  Top staff, awesome venue, a must have experience for any larper or otherwise!

    Daniel Adams Avatar Daniel Adams

    3 star rating  

    Debbie Middleton Avatar Debbie Middleton

    5 star rating  I really enjoyed the event that was played here. I think half the reason i enjoyed it is because of the venue. Large open space, beautiful and privet landscape, and the facilities are top quality.

    Brad Sharples Avatar Brad Sharples

    5 star rating  

    Glyn Heaviside Avatar Glyn Heaviside

    5 star rating  

    Lisa Konrad Avatar Lisa Konrad

    5 star rating  

    Emma J King Avatar Emma J King

    5 star rating  Beautiful woodland & the best facilities!

    Jane Saint Avatar Jane Saint

    5 star rating  

    Mark Ashworth Avatar Mark Ashworth

    5 star rating  

    Evan Healy Avatar Evan Healy

    5 star rating  We were at Huntley Wood last weekend for a Firefly LARP. Absolutely brilliant place, with great quality amenities and lovely woodlands to play in.

    We had the place to ourselves, and there was no hassle from anyone passing by. A lovely lady came and cleaned very early in the morning (before any of us were up and about), so that the toilets were clean and tidy. The buildings are very functional, with three huts that interconnect or can be separated depending on what people want, a fully equipped kitchen and stackable benches / tables. The toilet facilities are state of the art for a campsite; the best I have seen so far.

    The absolute selling point is the surrounding nature, the beautiful woods with high trees and foliage, up and down slopes and the lake. There was even a fire pit, close to the huts, well stocked with logs for a night of drinking and banter with friends. Highly recommended!

    Elina Gouliou Avatar Elina Gouliou
  • 5 star rating  Great venue for LARP. Has more than its fair share of muddy parts but the site is diverse enough to run some interesting events.

    Ben Sugden Avatar Ben Sugden

    5 star rating  Excellent LARP amenities and wonderful, dedicated management.

    Bobbie Deniker Avatar Bobbie Deniker

    5 star rating  Huge varied landscape, hot showers, proper toilets, heated cabins, kitchen, bar , tent rental ... the site facilities are excellent and continue to grow and improve. Just watch out for the rabbits! They rolled my tent, nearly making off with a bottle of Budweiser and they ate the sausage rolls. They have a taste for meat now!!

    Simon Webber Avatar Simon Webber

    5 star rating  Having been a regular visitor to Huntley Wood for a number of years I can honestly say it is the best LARP site in the UK. Friendly staff, an amazing array of options for running events, superb facilities and it's location in the middle of the UK make it ideal for games small and large. Absolutely at the top of our list when looking for sites

    Heathen LRP Avatar Heathen LRP

    5 star rating  

    Adelle Overton Avatar Adelle Overton

    5 star rating  This is a beautiful site with excellent facilities - clean bathrooms with hot showers are amazing when camping. I have really enjoyed every visit and am looking forward to returning next year.

    Jenny Shackleton Avatar Jenny Shackleton

    5 star rating  Stunning site, excellent service, and superb facilities.

    Lorna Cowie Avatar Lorna Cowie

    5 star rating  

    Samantha Jane Beard Avatar Samantha Jane Beard

    5 star rating  Simply the best facilities I have ever seen on a larp site with clear spacious bathrooms and showers. This combined with helpful staff and a great varied playing area means IMO best uk larp site i have ever visited

    Mike Prescott Avatar Mike Prescott

    5 star rating  I've run a lot of LRP weekends on various scout sites up and down the country over the last 20 years but this site ranks as one of the very best. From the great facilities, the owners who can't do enough for you and the great variance in terrain, etc. Having seen the site for the first time over 18 months ago to where it is now shows a level of dedication that is great to see.

    I hope to go back for more and hope others will do so as well.

    James Bloodworth Avatar James Bloodworth
  • 5 star rating  

    Rob Corlett Avatar Rob Corlett

    5 star rating  A beautiful large dedicate site run by nice people with beautiful buildings and immaculate toilet facilities. Well worth using

    Al Bevan Avatar Al Bevan

    5 star rating  

    Phil Marsh Avatar Phil Marsh

    4 star rating  

    Henry Hamilton Avatar Henry Hamilton

    5 star rating  Did a recent episode of Goldrush at Huntley Wood and it's the best LARP site I've ever used. Wildwood was a nice intimate setting with excellent facilities.

    The layout of the buildings meant we could use them how we wanted and it's the little things like having a well equipped kitchen (cheese grater!) sensibly locate power sockets and a quick way to put up wall hangings really makes a difference.

    Nothing much in the way of biting insects either even though we camped in the trees.

    Nick Reynolds Avatar Nick Reynolds

    5 star rating  

    Richard Joseph Delafield Avatar Richard Joseph Delafield

    5 star rating  

    Dominic Cattes Avatar Dominic Cattes

    5 star rating  Brilliant site for larping with that key ingredient: warm, clean bathrooms!

    Lucy Jepson Avatar Lucy Jepson

    5 star rating  Just back from an event here, really loved the setting and new cabins!

    Michael Penny Avatar Michael Penny

    5 star rating  Beautiful location with varied landscape. Excellent facilities and site staff.

    Kelly Jane Poole Avatar Kelly Jane Poole
  • 5 star rating  

    Jennifer Moyashi-chan Wright Avatar Jennifer Moyashi-chan Wright

    5 star rating  Amazing site. Perfect for larp, though I warn you, it is an 'exercise' site 😉
    Bloody brilliant!!

    Pip E Hall Avatar Pip E Hall

    5 star rating  The site is amazing and the customer service you will receive is perfect, my system will probably be using this site on a long term basis

    Dan Bushell Avatar Dan Bushell

    5 star rating  Just finished running a 6 day here. Very nice site and very helpful and friendly staff, definitely worth a visit.

    Bruce Duncan Avatar Bruce Duncan

    4 star rating  

    Lance Blount Avatar Lance Blount

    5 star rating  

    Jannine King Avatar Jannine King

    5 star rating  

    Phil Butler Avatar Phil Butler

    5 star rating  Great camping site. Facilities are excellent. It was my second time visiting and it's quickly becoming my favourite camping location.

    Rebecca Thomson Avatar Rebecca Thomson

    5 star rating  

    Robert Badham Avatar Robert Badham

    5 star rating  I regularly attend LARP events here and I love it, it's always clean, it has warm huts and proper facilities but still feels like LARP venue. The open space and forests are great for losing oneself in. Thanks you

    Karen Funnell Avatar Karen Funnell
  • 5 star rating  Love walking here, these days I'm expected to only walk the outskirts due to changes in the quarry however

    Michael Byatt Avatar Michael Byatt

    3 star rating  

    Mandy Armstrong Avatar Mandy Armstrong

    5 star rating  I have played Vale LRP at Huntley Wood since it's inception four years ago.

    The site is amazing. Everyone who plays loves the site. The amenities are always well managed. The local wildlife is returning in droves since it was a sand and gravel quarry. Last weekend I believe I even heard a nightingale at about dusk.

    Len Simpson Avatar Len Simpson

    5 star rating  

    Sally Pickard Avatar Sally Pickard

    5 star rating  An excellent site with friendly, helpful staff. The site facilities are modern, clean and very user friendly. There is ample parking space, good access and even a list of take aways which deliver to the site! The sites are varied and interesting and provide an excellent venue. I would definitely recommend Huntley Wood to anyone.

    Gareth Icewing Avatar Gareth Icewing

    4 star rating  

    Lyndon Mills Avatar Lyndon Mills

    5 star rating  Fantastic facilities (underfloor heating in the toilets, you heroes and moisturiser, moisturiser I tell you!) and well managed woodlands. Secure gated access to camp areas, making everything feel a lot less worrysome about parked cars over the weekend. A great site, can't wait to use it again.

    Willoughby Chase Avatar Willoughby Chase

    5 star rating  

    Tremaine Wheatley Avatar Tremaine Wheatley

    5 star rating  Huntley Wood is probably the best larp site in the UK, with its varied terrain and the real effort that has been put into the facilities it is a pleasure to play there. The Wyldwood in particular is the most comfortable place to camp as well as having the interesting woodland.

    Cara Bull Avatar Cara Bull

    5 star rating  

    Amy Gregory Avatar Amy Gregory